Bibliography and Annotated Sources

Annotated Sources:

King, Ross.  Brunelleschi’s Dome.  New York: Penguin Publishing. 2000

Before leaving for the late spring semester in Florence, I read this book, and was fascinated by the process of building the dome of Santa Maria del Fiore.  Once in Florence, I continually returned to this lucid and interesting account of how Brunelleschi built the dome.  It is a technical book, but makes the engineering process accessible to readers unfamiliar with architecture.  The book provides a good overview of the Renaissance Florence, construction of the dome, and many anecdotes about the life of Brunelleschi.

Vasari, Giorgio.  The Lives of the Artists. (J. Bondanella and P. Bondanella, trans)  Oxford: Oxford University Press. 2008 (original work published in 1550)

Giorgio Vasari was a prolific writer and biographer of Renaissance artists, as well as an architect and painter as well.  His work, The Lives of the Artists, was indispensable to me as I researched many of the artists whose works are shown in this exhibit.  Together with Manetti’s biography of Brunelleschi, these works give great detail and insight into the life and times of Filippo Brunelleschi.

Fanelli, G and Fanelli, M.  Brunelleschi’s Cupola: Past and Present of an Architectural Masterpiece. Firenze: Madragora. 2004

This book was quite technical in scope, and gave a thorough overview of the more technical aspects involved in the building of the dome, as well as a look at the forces that impact the dome today.  The authors approach the construction of the dome from many angles and speak in depth about the engineering feats accomplished by Brunelleschi.  It was very helpful in researching specifics about the building of the dome.

Complete Bibliography:

Battisti, E. (2012).  Filippo Brunelleschi.  London: Phaidon Press Ltd.
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King, R. (2000).  Brunelleschi’s Dome. New York: Penguin Books
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Vasari, G. (2008). The Lives of the Artists. (J. C. Bondanella & P. Bondanella, trans). Oxford: Oxford University Press (original work published in 1550)

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